Area of specialization

Public safety sector

Psychometric assessments

We have cutting-edge expertise tailored specifically to public and private police forces, 911 emergency call centres, as well as ambulance and security services.
We have performed more than 10,000 psychometric assessments for organizations in the public safety sector and are the leading experts for such services in Québec.

We serve the largest police organizations in Québec, assisting them in:

  • Identifying, selecting and promoting successors
  • Assessing psychopathological risks and stress
  • Administering the process for selecting a large number of policeman and emergency call centre staff
  • Assessing candidates for highly specialized positions (sex crime investigators, tactical group members, etc.
  • Assessing the leadership abilities, as well as the supervisory and management skills, of personnel having the rank of lieutenant, captain, inspector and chief inspector

Strategic advisory services, R&D development of measurement tools and coaching

We have developed or optimized selection and expert systems, in addition to designing interview protocols, in-basket exercises, case analyses and situational judgement tests.
We also helped to define competency profiles, reviewed policies and frameworks for promoting staff to various positions and provided coaching services.

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