Discover our broad range of consulting services, which include designing selection processes, identifying and promoting successors and validating your organization’s existing practices.

M2D Leadership will provide you with sound measurement and assessment advice! Whether you need help developing, implementing or optimizing some or all of your selection processes, or identifying or promoting talent, we have proven expertise having served companies with between 5 and 40,000 employees in a variety of industries.

By combining practical expertise and cutting-edge knowledge, our practicing psychologists and PhD researchers are able to lend their expertise to develop innovative, concrete solutions that will meet the most complex requirements.


Since your issues are our issues, becoming better together is also about an important desire to rely on the advisory strengths of all of our experts in order to provide an innovative solution that is best suited to your needs.

Partnership and trust are values that we particularly hold dear. When we make a commitment to help you and accompany you, it is because we are confident that we can propose high value-added solutions. If we have doubts in our ability to help you, we will not let you down and, in fact, will be pleased to refer you to other experts—even if they are our competitors!


Because we make it a point of honour to offer services fully dedicated to your needs, the strength of advice provided by M2D refers primarily to the ability to listen and to accurately assess a person’s skills based on cutting-edge expertise. The solutions that we propose are rigorous, realistic and tailored to YOUR organization.


Becoming better together means learning, discussing and innovating while working directly with you. Our approach is far from those traditional methods proposed by experts and places more importance on having a real relationship that allows us to discuss and share information with our clients in order to use their expertise and their knowledge of their organization.



Preparing for the future


The candidates that you have identified as your future leaders are not all of the same calibre, are not equally motivated or are not there for the right reasons? We can help you review your process for identifying successors so that the potential of emerging leaders is quickly put to good use within your organization.


The keys to your growth


We develop guides for managers to ensure that they have the tools they need to prepare development plans, integrate new employees, provide coaching, etc. Our thousands of feedback sessions each year have allowed us to create an infobase of advice and development tips that can be tailored to your own issues and business realities.

8 - Expert witnesses

Make sure you can demonstrate that you have a rigorous approach


Are you questioning the psychometric qualities of your tests? Would you like to verify that your selection methods do not discriminate against candidates of various cultural origins? Do you have to defend a selection process before the courts? M2D’s expert witnesses can help successfully defend your interests.

7 - Selection process optimisation

Guiding you to an effective selection method


Are your tools outdated? Is your process based on an obsolete competency profile? Are the candidates who have been chosen not doing very well? We can help you update both your process (choice of tests, preferred order, etc.) and your measurement tools to allow you to select the best candidates at a lower cost.



Clear, precise frameworks that are tailored to your organizational situation


We will share our exclusive pyramid-based competency development model or devise customized competency frameworks to suit your specific business environment (technical, management, entrepreneurial frameworks, etc.)

4 - Training

Having everything you need to hit the ground running


To be effective, our clients must renew and tailor their methods for recruiting and developing the next generation of leaders. We share our best ways of helping people to develop by way of specialized training, including best interview practices, effective feedback, etc.

6 - Accrediting you in the use of tests

Enabling you to use tests autonomously


Being able to use psychometric tests autonomously requires a minimum amount of training and knowledge. We can therefore accredit you to administer and properly interpret test results, thereby ensuring that tests will be used in an optimal manner.

5 - Performance management

Tools that will address your organizational challenges


We are and act as competency measurement, feedback and development specialists. Who better to advise you in the implementation of performance management tools!

Our step-by-step approach

From the needs assessment to client and candidate feedback, we want you to have a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Defining the need

Target and analyze your issues and needs

Our experts help to understand and analyze the problem through discussion or using different diagnostic tools. The need that is ultimately established then allows us to propose appropriate action according to your expectations and budget.

The plan

To give you a clear overview of what we do

Our approach is inspired by the best practices in project management, and we take care to specify all the steps in the process. Timelines, objectives, expected contributions and deliverables are presented in a clear and easy-to-understand manner.

Our approach

Expertise that is always specific and respectful

Our approach can take a wide variety of forms. We discuss the various options with you and involve you in choosing the preferred alternative. We then make sure that the assessment is carried out pragmatically—and with due care-- in partnership with you.


Providing support and getting feedback is important to us

Throughout the process, we ensure that you are satisfied with the process and the support that we provide, as well as with each of the deliverables. Once the assessment has been completed, we conduct a survey to ensure long-term success.

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