Customized tools to meet your needs

Our experts are constantly developing new tools to fine-tune your processes for selecting personnel, identifying talent and developing the next generation of leaders.


We do not just administer psychometric tests: we develop them, too! Due to substantial research and development efforts, M2D Leadership will enable you to benefit from the most relevant and up-to-date solutions. The tests, surveys, questionnaires and interview protocols that we develop are fully in keeping with the accepted practices of our profession.

Moreover, due to our expertise and our rigorous approach, many clients whose processes may be contested turn to M2D Leadership to develop robust and defendable measurement solutions in the event of a dispute.


Our highly experienced team of professionals has developed dozens of tests, some of which have been administered to more than 40,000 individuals!



Our approach places importance on measurement quality, client autonomy and economies of scale.

Our approach is based on scientifically recognized best practices and practical experience. Our experts who develop measurement tools are also seasoned practitioners who are able to add to the science the wealth of knowledge provided by thousands of hours of practical exploration into human behaviour.


Our approach places importance on a client’s involvement in the drive for innovation. Due to our clients’ experience regarding the positions, as well as the issues and challenges to be faced in measuring people’s competencies, client intelligence is put to good use in developing measurement tools.


By experimenting with the use of the measurement tools that we develop and our statistical analyses of results obtained, we are able to confirm the psychometric qualities and the added value of the information being generated for our clients.


1 -Situational Judgement Tests (SJT)

Clear and rewarding results


Promoting internal talent at the right time is a science. We can accurately assess a person’s ability to quickly assume new responsibilities as well as his or her unused potential that can enable him or her to continue to develop skills over the longer term.

2 - In-basket exercise, essay questions or multiple-choice tests

Assessing management competencies using proven measurement tools


An in-basket exercise is useful in assessing management competencies. We develop in-basket exercises that are tailored to your organization’s needs while taking into account the level of position for which it has been developed.



3 - Simulation-based assessment centres

Offering you more than just a measurement


For certain assessment processes, measurement accuracy must be improved by combining a number of inputs provided by various assessment methods. To meet these specific expectations, M2D designs complex assessment systems that use a clever combination of psychometric tests, in-basket exercises, SJTs, simulations and interviews, depending on the needs.


Our step-by-step approach

Our approach may vary depending on the type of tool to be developed. What does not change is that it adheres to the highest standards of our professional orders and the American Psychological Association, while eliciting positive reactions from those involved in the development process and from potential candidates.

Defining the need

The key is getting off to a good start together.

Our experts carefully define and analyse the test components with you (i.e. type of test, number of skills to be assessed, language of use, number of questions, number of versions, measurement scale, etc.) as well as the logistical aspects (duration, administration methods, inclusion or not within a broader assessment process, etc.) or how results will be used (detailed reports, list of results, ranking, etc.).

Project plan

Overview of our approach

Inspired by best practices in project management, we clearly set out all the steps from design to post-use validation. Timelines, objectives, contributions, expected collaboration and deliverables are presented in a clear and easy-to-understand manner.

Documentation and literature review

Leave nothing to chance and act with full knowledge of the facts.

Although we are experts, we are continually updating our knowledge and take nothing for granted. We begin by updating our benchmarking of the best practices documented in the scientific literature and by reading relevant documents adapted to the positions in question (job descriptions, job analyses, competency profiles, organizational charts, organizational values, etc.).

Expert committee

Understand and analyze the effective—and less effective-- behaviors associated with the competencies.

Despite our expertise in developing tools, in order to be able to defend them in front of the authorities, we must be able to demonstrate that our experts have made a significant contribution to designing tests and validating results.

Working together with the HR team, we create a committee of experts made up of immediate superiors and former incumbents of the position that we actively involve in designing measurement tools.

Question and answer design

Build your knowledge thanks to our expertise in designing measurement equipment
Using a wealth of information on work situations and behaviours reported by the expert committee, we draft questions, situations and a choice of answers or expected answers in the best possible way.

The test

We ensure that all your expectations are met--and much more.
The test is administered to a group in order to verify, through in-depth statistical analysis, its psychometric qualities and its compliance with your requirements in terms of duration, ease of administration, etc. Changes are then made based on the results obtained.


Nothing is left to chance. The test is presented to the expert committee.

The measurement tool (questions and answers) is presented to the expert committee as part of a structured approach for improvement and validation.


We provide access to our methods--in all simplicity.

We develop a technical manual, an administration manual and correction procedures, in addition to training internal users, always with the aim of helping clients to use the test autonomously and defending the client in front of the authorities. We can even develop semi-automated correction tools to help you save time and avoid errors.

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