Psychometric assessment

Our psychometric assessment solutions, which are based on our values in terms of clear, prompt, professional and customized service, allow us to assess candidates already in a position (competency assessments) or aspiring candidates (potential assessments).

At M2D Leadership, our assessment and measurement experts focus exclusively on …assessment and measurement! Our processes, which are based on ISO standards, make it possible for you to receive the highest-quality service, but also a flexible approach since we are able to adapt our tools to meet your needs. We always adopt a constructive approach while respecting both the individual and the organization.

When you choose to do business with us, you are assigned a team of two consultants. The result is personalized service and a real understanding of your needs as well as the profile for the candidates being sought. Moreover, since our specialists carry out close to 2,000 comprehensive assessments each year, they obviously have expertise regarding every position at every level within your organization.

M2D Leadership has developed a unique competency model that is based on the various stages of competency development. In addition to helping decision-makers to quickly pinpoint the strengths of key employees, this model makes it possible to position the individual in terms of the competencies that should be mastered in order to advance professionally. This makes it an invaluable tool.


In addition to listing the competencies required for performance, our unique pyramid-based model shows how an individual has progressed and will continue to progress while acquiring skills and demonstrating leadership, as well as explaining how the person’s strengths and areas requiring improvement are tied together.


Our competency development pyramid is a powerful communications tool. At a glance, it shows a person’s strengths and areas requiring improvement and, especially, how they are interrelated. It also makes it easier to put the results into context based on the natural stage of development for the person’s competency.


Our competency development pyramid is divided into four levels.Each level includes a number of leadership-related competencies. The higher a person is on the pyramid, the more his or her competencies are multidimensional and complex to develop.


This pyramid model has a two-fold objective: to foster awareness and take the appropriate action. First of all, it makes it possible for the individual and the people working with him or her to draw attention to factors that are encouraging and hindering development. Then, in keeping with the observations and the context, it makes it easier to have an informed decision both for hiring an individual and investing in the person’s development. This is how the pyramid fosters change and intentions for development efforts.


1 - Staffing, promotion and development

Clear and rewarding results


Promoting internal talent at the right time is a science. We can accurately assess a person’s ability to quickly assume new responsibilities as well as his or her unused potential that can enable him or her to continue to develop skills over the longer term.

2 - Mass recruiting and decisions

Availability and accuracy


Do you have large pools of applicants? Would you like to pre-select the best people without wasting your time? Our well-proven logistics and psychometric tests enable us to assess several hundred candidates, providing you with a list of finalists very quickly.

3 - Assessing management teams

An overview of people’s strengths, compatibility and collective needs


Do you want to create a new team, optimize its composition or review members’ roles? We have the tools that you need to accurately assess the potential, common skills, collective development needs and the compatibility of team members.


4 - Succession planning or identification of high-potential employees

Careful selection


Due to our effective and well-structured process, as well as our use of appropriate measurement tools, we are able to assist you in determining which of your emerging leaders is likely to develop skills more quickly than others, in addition to pinpointing short-, medium-, and long-term improvement needs.

5- Mergers/acquisitions/intergenerational transfers

Attentive and reassuring service


A careful review of management in an M&A process or in connection with a transfer to the younger generation in a family-run business is all too often neglected in spite of the risks. Our non-intrusive, respectful, yet transparent and rigorous approach enables our specialists to give you the tools that you need to make informed decisions and put in place accelerated development solutions when required by the situation.

6 - Autonomous remote testing solution

A clear and effective turnkey option


Partners of one of the largest distributors of psychometric tests in the world, we are therefore able to provide you with tests that can be administered in several languages, remotely via the Internet or independently in your own offices.

Step-by-step approach

Our psychometric assessments are suitable for all professional profiles and allow you to act quickly and specifically.

Initial meeting

In 95% of cases, obtain an appointment for an assessment within three business days!
As a recruiter, you know that the hiring process moves very quickly. We are well aware of this fact, too. That is why we offer a customer contact centre allowing us to process your request immediately and very quickly arrange the necessary appointments for the candidate’s assessment as well as the feedback sessions.

Analyse des besoins en leadership

We work with you to identify key competencies required to achieve your objectives
As your partner, we listen to you and carefully analyze the situation in which the psychometric assessment must be performed, how the results will be used as well as the complexity and the challenges of the position or for the next step in a person’s career.

Welcoming the individual for the assessment

We respect and value the individual
Few people have the opportunity to undergo a competency assessment. For many, this is a unique situation that is often viewed with apprehension. With our conscientious and dedicated approach, we focus all of our attention on candidates to ensure that they feel confident and valued throughout the assessment process.

Analysis of results and preparation of the assessment report

A rigorous approach combined with clear and simple language
Almost an entire day is spent analyzing a person’s results and preparing the report! Our reports are tailored to the competency models of our clients and personalized for each candidate.

Client feedback

Clear, relevant and value-added recommendations
We do much more than merely describe a person’s results. Rather, we are known for our ability to provide recommendations that will allow a company to make important decisions, both for selecting candidates and investing in an employee’s development. We are generous and interested in your projects and will take the opportunity provided by feedback sessions to advise you and provide coaching regarding the best strategies to help an individual integrate a new position or to develop specific competencies.

Candidate feedback

Helping people to act, capitalize on strengths, and understand what is helping or hindering their progress
The best part of the assessment is undoubtedly the time when we can sit down with the person and discuss his or her leadership and competency profile at length. The results and recommendations are reviewed as part of a straightforward and respectful discussion. In addition to fostering awareness, we sincerely hope that this feedback results in the genuine intention to take steps in order to develop certain competencies.


With you from start to finish
Three months after performing our assessment, we will contact both the client and the person assessed to see his or her progress in terms of integrating the position or developing new skills. Out of curiosity and the desire to improve, we send out surveys to assess the level of satisfaction of both the client and the candidate.

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